game design course

Transitioning from high school to a game design course

game design courseWhen you’re in high school, your world is very small. You don’t realise it at the time but your experience is extremely limited. Many young people (like me) grow up feeling that they are special. I was top of my class in school and felt superior to my peers. I believed I was talented and that I’d go on to make a mark on the world. All of that changed when I graduated to college.

After VCE I went on to take a game design course in Melbourne. That was when my parochial worldview was shattered. All of a sudden I was surrounded by people as smart and ambitious as me, and I was no longer special. I met a lot of cool people while taking that game design course. Melbourne became a much bigger place after that, and contrary to what you may expect, I was glad. Even though I was no longer as unique as I used to think, there was more diversity and more fun in the world than ever before. Studying in the IT industry may seem like a dry topic but actually there’s a lot of creativity involved. For example, I took computer programming and that requires a lot of imagination and problem solving. It’s not all ones, zeros and monotonous clicks. I’ve graduated now and I’m about to get into a work force where there’s a big demand for new games and app. I can definitely recommend app development courses.

I never really got what people meant when they used the phrase ‘learn about yourself’. I thought it was trite and not inherently meaningful. However after taking my course in game development, I finally get it. I’ve learned that I’m not the smartest person in the world but also that there are more opportunities and adventures for me than I ever expected.