window replacement

Renovating the house with window repairs

timber window replacementMy husband and I have been renovating our house over the past year or so. It was all going really well. We ripped up the old carpet and polished the floor boards. We installed a brand new kitchen and bathroom. And dividing up a large space in the house to create two new rooms — a nursery (we’re expecting!) and a bijou library with a fireplace. The house is looking really great.

We thought we were done with everything until we realised we needed window repairs near Melbourne. We stood outside the house, looking at it with arms crossed, thinking “I know it looks good but there’s something missing, something’s not right.” Finally, I figured it out. I approached the windows at the front of the house, old wooden things with splinters and decay, looking a bit gnarled with age. I said, “Joe! We need new window frames!”

It’’s the details that really make a place special. You can’t have everything all new and shiny and then these ugly old rotten window frames. It just looked wrong. I mean, you could hardly notice but you could sense that something wasn’t right. It was almost like the house was haunted, haunted by the ghosts of old unwanted windows.

Since the house was new, we considered getting aluminium frames which are apparently easier to clean and maintain. But then, we thought that the wooden style would suit the place better, so we opted for timber window repairs in Melbourne. The repairs company came over and replaced the windows in no time, so we didn’t have to deal with that hauntingly ugly old window frames for long (what a relief!)

Since then, I’ve been noticing all of these other small touch ups that we need to make. For example, the paint in the laundry is a different colour to the rest of the house, and our dart board in the recreation room is missing a circle.

window replacement

Our Dream Cottage Nightmare

window replacements MelbourneWhen my husband and I got married it felt like we had everything in common. We were alike in all the right ways and different in all the right ways and we tended to bounce off each other’s ideas. Our dream was to get a cottage by the beach and it seemed like we were going to be on our honeymoon for the rest of our lives. All of that came crashing down when it came to moving in together.

We’d purchased a nice old house by the beach and were planning on renovating it to make it our own. The first thing we had to do was get the windows replaced because the salty air and sunny days actually tend to erode the window seals (although they’re great for the complexion!)  So I called for timber window repairs around Melbourne and that’s when all hell broke loose. My husband suddenly said that he wanted aluminium windows but I had already ordered the timber ones and we had this huge argument about it. After that, it was like we couldn’t agree on anything!

We had disputes over everything from the windows to the tiled floors, from the colour of the paintjob to how many roses we should have in the garden. We started to grow apart in other ways too, not just timber and aluminium windows but important life choices as well. We could no longer agree on a common future from how many children we should have to how long we should stay in Melbourne. Replacement windows were only just the beginning.

The window repairs company ended up doing a nice job of fitting us the timber windows and even though he wanted aluminum we were both quite pleased. Ultimately, we still love each other very much. Hopefully we can find a way to make this work, or maybe with time, we’ll start growing in the same direction again.