Marquee Hire

My 21st

My 21st birthday party was only a month away so the search for a party hire marquee began. i had been to many 18th Birthdays party’s recently where small marquee hires had been used and wanted to replicate something similar. I had heard many positive reviews about Marquees & Events who specialise in offering quality affordable marquee hire. Because of this i decided to get in contact with them through email at first and then via phone call. i spoke to a very friendly sales person who suggested i should look at a clear roof marquee hire as they look much more impressive than your standard white roof marquee.

Once i had learnt more about what it means to rent a marquee i decided to get a second option form marquee hire Melbourne, who confirmed what i had already been told. That the clearspan marquee hire with clear roofs and walls was the marquee for me. After much deliberation and thought i decided to go with this option. Once the team from marquee hire Melbourne turned up in there truck i could see that the equipment they used was very heavy duty and of the highest quality. The marquees themselves came in many separate parts which all had to be brought in one by one and then assembled.

marquee inside - purple lights

The team seemed to construct the marquee in just a matter of hours and soon were decorating the clear roof with fairy lights. Once i saw the finished job i was amazed and knew the right decision had been made. The following evening on the night of my 21st birthday party my friend Alex arrived early who worked for marquee hire Brighton he was also very impressed and loved the finishing touches. The night could not of gone better, and was a great success filled with unforgettable memories.