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Cooling Repairs Again

What does it mean to be alive? That was something we were taught from the very first day we could understand our lessons at the temple. It’s one lesson that has stayed with me fully, even through all of my changing situations. Even going from the temple to the techno-world of Melbourne, I have held onto this principle. And what is it? Alive is a relationship between two things. Maybe you love your teddy bear, or your shiny new oven, or your perfect garden. It does not matter…if that relationship exists, then that thing is alive and you must be too.

It’s a strange lesson, but the greatest one I was ever told. It is ‘conference season’ in Melbourne, air conditioning repairs are all the rage. Our company went up to learn about efficient air conditioner systems to save money. We saw some beginners struggling to fix the air con in the next room and I’m afraid I got distracted. I have always loved fixing things. The neighbours once had to evacuate their apartment because their air con was leaking a strange gas and they could no longer breathe properly. I was able to hold my breath and fix the problem, simply by inspecting the air con and finding the source of the problem through instinct. I suppose it was also a very simple oven, because I see some of them and they look like they could blast off into space, such is their design! Those, I would be more hesitant to fix.

That’s why I admired the people in this room, who were slaving away learning to fix air con. And then, once the air con is fixed, they were put to work online! There was a lady near the door who was struggling and getting a bit wet. I might have…given her some help. All she needed was the prompt to truly listen to the air conditioner . Their relationship was new, but still existent. After that, she had a much better time. I can see why the contact info for an air conditioner servicing company is a worthy one to keep. Anyone who understands the relationship between man and machine is essential.