Legal Systems Don’t Spring Up Overnight…

commercial law MelbourneGolly, now I can see why it takes centuries to establish a legal system that really works. Brother Zedd has tasked me with crafting an entirely new system of law for our new lunar kingdom, and as it turns out, I don’t think I’m going to be getting it done before the rockets take off.

Phew…even in a utopia, we’ll be needing rules to keep things perfect, so it’s a lot of pressure. Essentially, what I’m being forced to do is take a load of rules we have right here on Earth and just alter them so they’re more fair. And also, they apply on the moon. There aren’t any rules about conduct in zero-G, however…those I’ll have to do from scratch. Aargh, so much work to be done, and I was only chosen because I’m the sole holder of a law degree.

I’m thinking property law will work roughly the same. That’s fine, right? I’ve worked in commercial law. Firms in Melbourne handle property law in a relatively uniform way: if you have the documents in your name, you claim that place. Our glorious leader has stated in the past that he wants no concept of ownership, but there’s been so much talk of ownership in that time- from personal housing domes to front seats on the rocket trip- that I think it’s something we’ll need. Besides, people like have solid legal documents that name them as the sole possessor of something. It’s peace of mind.

For them, anyway. It’s getting to an endemic stage, but I’m the only person qualified to deal with legal matters, and I’m feeling slightly overworked. I mean…everyone’s personal dome? All property disputes, which will hopefully be none because we’ll be in a utopia, but still? This is why there are business law firms here in Melbourne. Firms. With more than one person. I tell you what, though: if I wasn’t a decent enough business lawyer before now, I will be after a couple of months in our new kingdom.

-Brother Laurent