postage satchels

Gifting postage satchels

Having a long distance relationship really sucks. I met my girlfriend while travelling in England but we haven’t been able to move to each other’s countries since then. I’m tied down in my job (just got a promotion) and she has to care for her sick mother. I do hope to move over there eventually, but I need to stay at my job for the next little bit. Anyway, because we don’t have the taken-for-granted luxury of touch and physical affection, we can only express our love over screens. Whether we’re using skype or just sending texts. That is why I love showering her with gifts.

Postage satchels in Australia come at a good price and they’re a small price to pay to show my girl how I feel about her. However, we recently encountered a problem when I tried to send her some gold earrings. The package arrived, but it had been opened, and the earrings in the box had been replaced with a scrunched up chocolate wrapper. I felt so bad for her. Can you imagine what she must have thought upon receiving that from her boyfriend? Of course, I explained that they were earrings originally and that the package had been tampered with. She understood. But I knew that i couldn’t let something like that happen again.

I bought her a beautiful bracelet to make up for the earrings thing. This time however, I got evidence proof bags, so if anyone tries to tamper with the parcel, it’ll clearly show up. I imagine it was some crazy clerk at the post office, and if they try to tamper with an evidence bag they’ll be caught red handed!

I love my sweetheart and she’s worth all the gifts and effort I put into her. Some might say that she’s not very pretty but she certainly has that je ne sais quoi that makes a beautiful girl. She’ll look even prettier wearing all the jewelry that I’m buying for her.