trigger point dry needling courses

A fresh new start

trigger point dry needlingI had never set foot overseas until the ripe old age of twenty nine. I’d just liberated myself from one of those emotionally draining and long-expired relationships when my thoughts turned to travel for the very first time. I met an Italian backpacker at the bar one night while drowning my sorrows, and I know backpackers can have a bad rep but this woman was amazing. She’d had so many crazy experiences which she relayed to me over her gin and tonic, and had even learnt to have basic conversations in five languages. I sat there thinking that I had to get out there and see the world for myself.

That’s when I made the move to Auckland. Unlike many travellers who spend a few weeks in each country they visit, I wanted to settle into the place and become more familiar with the culture and customs over a period of time. So I enrolled in a trigger point dry needling course (which is what I would have done had I stayed in Australia anyway) and started to build a life in Auckland. Dry needling courses are quite affordable and have the potential to lead to a good career. I mean, it’s a legitimate medical treatment for serious ailments involving muscular pain around joints, orthopaedic and sporting conditions, and one you’ve got the accredited certificate in dry needling you can even open your own practice. I really can’t say enough good things about dry needling courses. New Zealand too proved to be quite an adventure for me. Perhaps I was feeling good about life now that I was studying dry needling and my life was back on track, but I guess that optimism infiltrated other parts of my life because I ended up making new friends, finding a brilliant apartment, and even falling in love with a Kiwi boy. And it was all thanks to my chance rendezvous with a backpacker in Oz. Thanks, Maria!