Recycling is Important

I’ve long since emphasised the importance of our moon rockets being fully-recyclable, so that we may use them for other things once we’ve landed. And yet, no one seems to be listening to me. They seem to think that, since our Lunar Kingdom will be superior in every single way, we need to build the rockets out of gold and silver and platinum. That’s so very foolish, I don’t know where to begin. I mean, I already have doubts about the amount of glass we’re going to need to make the domes, and all of this without the aid of Earth things like aluminium toolboxes and ute under tray drawers and gas bottle holders and all the things industry actually NEEDS.

I tried telling them this, and the cult leaders said that I was worrying too much. They said it was revealed to them in a dream that we’ll be finding plenty of natural materials on the moon, so I could probably just leave all of that stuff on Earth and bring a few more chickens instead, or maybe a medium-sized dog. I suppose…if it was in a vision, then it must be alright. The words of our glorious leaders are absolute. But I’m part of the dome building team, and I’m going to feel strange without my old toolbox by my side. I’ll have nowhere to put my tools, for one thing. I suppose the toolbox central locking is going to stop being necessary, because the moment we leave Earth all theft and crime will be unknown to us forevermore. Although perfect some sort of remote toolbox central locking system might do for stopping our tools from floating away in the zero gravity. But we need moon metals to build the toolbox in the first place. So…we need tools of industry, to build tools of industry, so we can start the REAL work. I’m starting to see a problem with this plan. Or was this also covered in the prophetic vision?