Bloom For Youth

I have been asked to deliver a speech at my graduation ceremony. It came as a bit of a surprise because I am constantly described as an average student. Two years ago my entire year group took a standardised test and I was spot on the median grade. Studying horticultural botany isn’t particularly competitive, there are only three of us on the same specific course. I specialised in determining the growth rate of roses. I think this is the reason I have been asked to give the speech, my project is the most interesting from the course. The other projects looked at brindabella roses and optimal rose colour palettes.

I didn’t want to make my speech completely about flowers, I wanted to inspire and for once be considered above average. I think I’d be happy even being considered below average at this point, anything to break free from mundane mediocracy. Of course I would have to speak about my project but I wanted to add a little zest so I’ve decided to actually showcase so of my favourite iceberg roses. Of course I will be showing off some king fabiola’s as well as some freshly bloomed hybrid tea roses, because who doesn’t love a fresh bloom. As we all go forth beyond school I want to remind everyone to keep learning, although our lessons may be over and tests no longer graded we still have more knowledge to seek. Much like flowers will continue to bloom and die with the seasons we will have times of rain and times of shine. It is not how much shine we have that measures success but how we will deal with the waves of rain that hit us. Between some inspirational language and some breathtakingly gorgeous flowers I am sure I will make a few parents cry.