I’ll be Fine, Probably

Psychologist MorningtonIt must’ve been love. But it’s over now…

That was what inspired my newest idea for what will surely become a literary classic, to be displayed on coffee tables for decades to come, if people still have things like coffee tables in the future.

For you see, now that medical science has advanced to take care of our bodies well enough, people have to turn their attention to the mind. I’m very happy with the care I get at my psychiatrist on the Mornington Peninsula. Expert psychologists were present there too, giving intensive care to those for whom life had gotten a little bit…dicey. Stressful. Overwhelming. I’d recently had a bad breakup that led to some poor behaviours, like not being able to get into a decent sleeping pattern, becoming distracted at work. My friends and family must’ve been really worried about the work distraction thing, because they helped book me in to see someone inĀ Mornington, at a lovely place overlooking the sea. And while I was there, having psychiatry sessions and putting my life back together, I started to think about other people in my position; people who might be on the brink of a breakdown, but can’t recognise the signs. So I came up with a magnificent idea for a casual coffee table book: ‘The Cliff Edge: How to Keep Your Mind Fuelled and Healthy’. It all seems to obvious to me in hindsight, all the things I could’ve done better. More sleep, a little bit of meditation to clear my mind of the bad stuff, and maybe I could’ve not called Alyssa by her sister’s name while we were standing at the altar, causing a downward spiral that led to a whirlwind divorce and two years of broken alcoholism.

And while I can certainly recommend the good psychologists in the Mornington area, it’s probably best that you avoid that sort of thing altogether. Mental issues get to us all in the end, unless we take a few simple precautionary measures. It’s really as simple as flicking through a good book and picking up the top tips.