Empty Offices, Big Dreams

soldMan, jargon is tiring. Searching around empty offices, even more so. Paperwork is perhaps the jewel in the crown of things that are really, incredibly tiring. I’m not giving up though, because I have people who are counting on me to give them a job. I’ll look at as many empty offices as it takes, and I’m really not keen on the idea of renting.

I have conveyancers around Melbourne to look after the whole jargon/paperwork side of things anyway. I figured that once my business got started and we started expending, possibly to other locations, it’d be incredibly useful to have something like a conveyancer or property expert or transfer person on the case. Like, they’d be my guide and I their…client. Managing multiple premises sounds like hard work, so I’d rather do as little of the legwork as possible. Enter the property transfer people, who can at least set my mind at ease while I make millions of dollars selling my product. When you’re as rich and wealthy as I’m about to be, you won’t mind paying people to do certain things for you.

Speaking of legwork, looking at empty offices is just a little bit soul crushing. Sure, you have to be able to visualise what the place is going to look like, but right now they’re all just bare, empty, cold reminders of how far you have to go. Those aren’t the kind of thoughts that’ll lead me to business success, but then I think of all the great businessmen and I wonder if they’ve been through this. Standing in the middle of a cold (or humid), empty office, wondering if they should set up shop.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because I’m pushing through those thoughts. I have my conveyancing solicitors. Melbourne will one day know my name, because it will be on multiple billboards and sides of offices, everywhere.