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Little sister vs couch stains

carpet stain removal Melbourne When my sister, Simone asked me to do some baking with her, I never imagined that the house would be completely covered in cocoa by the end of our session. I had been asked over to look after my little sister for the evening. My parents were getting a hotel room for their fifteenth wedding anniversary, so of course I was happy to take care of my sister. We got along really well, even though there was a large age difference. I enjoyed spending time with her and letting my child-side come out. She loved playing dress up in my clothes and playing with makeup. I enjoyed every minute I spent with my little sister and was glad to be able to spend the night and day with her. We had managed to keep each other laughing for long enough, it was time to get out the baking equipment. When Simone had found a recipe she wanted to try, she got all the ingredients out of the cupboard and lined them up on the bench. I went downstairs to hang the clothes out and told Simone to start measuring out the ingredients to put in the bowl. I told her to be careful because mum had just had carpet steam cleaning. Melbourne was dry because of the lack of rain and the carpets had gotten dusty. Walking back upstairs, I could tell that something was wrong, it was too quiet. When I got to the door, all I could see was chocolate powder covering the floor and a little blonde head, hiding behind the couch.

My stomach dropped, this was my fault. I looked at the fridge immediately, grabbed the phone and dialed the number for the stain removers. Thankfully they had a guy in the area that could come over and get the carpets and upholstery clean. I walked over to the lounge room, surveying the damage as I tried to coax my sister out. Simone was now hiding under the couch, and refused to come out until I’d gotten off the phone to upholstery cleaners. I had no intention of punishing her, it was my fault for not keeping an eye on her. I picked up a handful of cocoa powder and threw on at her. She giggled and ran towards me with her arms outstretched.