Tinting Record Book

Well, I can definitely say that this has been one of the more annoying days of my life. It all started this morning when our boss, Benny, was handing out appreciation doughnuts. Everyone on the team got a doughnut, along with a comment about what Benny appreciated from them. But when he got up to Ray and me, he put the doughnuts away. When we asked what was going on, Benny told us that he doesn’t appreciate anything about us! We do so much hard work, but apparently, it doesn’t get appreciated.

Sure, we might stuff up the occasional basic job. But every time we do a commercial glass tinting job, we get it right. I’d say that overall, we get one job done right for every one we stuff up, but our glass tinting is seriously top-notch stuff. That surely deserves some sort of recognition. But no, Benny says that if we’d ever done something worthy of appreciation, it would be in the Book of Company Records. Now, I didn’t even know that there was a Book of Company Records, talking about all of the successful tinting jobs performed by the company employees, but there should definitely be nice things in there about me and Ray.

So, Ray is thinking that we should “borrow” the book and write stuff in there so that Benny sees how much he should appreciate us. Sure, it might be a little dishonest, but isn’t it worse that he isn’t recognising the hard work of his employees? “If you are looking for the best office window tinting near Melbourne, you can always rely on Ray and Mitch to get the job done right every time”. That’s what it will say in the book once we have written in it. It’s true because we get window tinting right. It’s just all the other stuff we get wrong. I’d say that you can always rely on us to get the job done right about fifty per cent of the time, overall.

I mean, what else does he want from us? He can’t seriously expect us to actually do it right every time. This job is really hard. Give us a break, man.