drain unblocking

Sustainability Geekery

drain unblockingOkay so I’ve become a bit of an enviro nerd over the past couple of years. Issues like climate change and pollution have been affecting me. Basically, I don’t want our world to melt before my kids grow up and get the chance to experience all of the beautiful things that I’ve seen and done. And this has meant taking sustainability into my own hands as much as possible.

Most people are aware that they can do things like offset carbon emissions by paying a little extra for a flight, or ride the bike to work instead of driving, but even I didn’t realise what could be done around the home. Recently we had a serious problem with a blocked drain in the bathroom. I saw the warning signs like bad smell and damp spots but ignored them because I was busy. By the time I looked up drain inspections in Melbourne metropolitan region the problem was twice as big, the cost twice as high and I realised I should have called the drain repair company sooner. Anyway, the guy came around and used a drain camera to locate the blockage in the pipe, which was a nifty trick because then he didn’t have to excavate the whole bathroom to find the source. He then used some heavy duty blockage treatment to fix the problem, and did some work to repair the damaged pipe. To my relief, he got the job done in no time.

It’s pretty amazing that something as simple as drain unblocking in Melbourne got me thinking about sustainability. I realised that if I had kept up to date with cleaning the drains, the damage probably wouldn’t have gotten as bad as it did. However, I also didn’t want to pour nasty chemicals into the drain because they’re bad for the earth. That’s when I discovered an all natural, eco-friendly method for drain maintenance using bicarb soda and vinegar. This does the trick, is perfectly safe to use around the home, and best of all, doesn’t cost the earth anything.