Obscure foot conditions


I’m one of those people who’s always getting sick. It’s just one thing after the other. It’s gone beyond the point of being annoying now, it’s just become a joke. The worst thing is that on top of your run of the mill illnesses that I get more frequently than most, is that I also tend to get obscure ailments as well, that no mere mortal doctors can help me with. For example, last month I has something up with my gut and the poor GP, who was dumbstruck, had to send me off to the gastroenterologist.

Now there’s something up with my foot and so I’m looking into podiatry. In Cheltenham, where I live, there are a couple of shops I can visit with podiatrists working there. I need to make an appointment with a professional because my home remedies aren’t working. I thought it was sprained at first so I wrapped it in a bandage. I’ve had a sprain before though and this one feels different so I’m thinking maybe it’s into a sprain. I’m hoping it isn’t something more insidious. I’m hoping that at the very least it isn’t worse than getting an ingrown toenail.

My girlfriend reckons that I’m probably going to need some Orthotics. Near Cheltenham, the podiatrists that I mentioned specialise in these, so if I do need orthotics (which I’m hoping that I don’t) they’ll be able to help me with that. I have my fingers crossed that my feet will be back to normal soon.

One of the worst things about getting sick all the time, is the build up of medical expenses. This is especially true when GPs can’t treat you and you need to see specialists because specialists are generally not bulk billing, and on the rare occasion that you can get a medicare rebate, it’s just usually just a fraction of an enormous bill.