My Hair Has Special Requirements…

hair salon South MelbourneUsually, I’d only get my hair done at ONE place: Guru Lacrima’s Emporium of Well-Being and Crystal Rejuvenation. Not many people know of it, but Guru Lacrima actually offers a comprehensive hair-care service that includes a cut, shaping and bathing in essential, home-made oils. The fusion of trance music and traditional Nepalese ox cries is just a lovely added bonus! I always walk out of the salon feeling energised and centred. 

But now, I need to look further afield for my hair treatments. I went to get myself a booking (you can’t call, because Guru Lacrima has sworn off electronic communication), and I found the whole place closed. Apparently Guru Lacrima has been admitted to hospital with a severe case of okra poisoning. I didn’t even know that was a thing. As a result I’ve decided to cut okra out of my diet altogether. 

So while THAT’S happening…does anybody know about any good hair salons near South Melbourne? Surely there must be a few who fit my criteria. Not that I’m super-uptight about my hair or anything, I just think that when you’re having something removed from yourself like that, the vibe needs to be right. Cannot stand the thought of a hair salon being like a factory, where people walk in and have their own, personal, private head-hair removed one-by-one…dispassionately. Just don’t really like the thought of it. It is perhaps the one place in the world where the music fades from my mind, replaced with anxiety about the locks vanishing from my head.

See, at Guru Lacrima’s the removal of hair was like a symphony. Snip, snip, chop, chop, bathe, bathe, massage, massage, UEEEEEEEEERGH (that was the ox cry). If I’m going to a hair salon in Melbourne, I just think that it needs to have a certain vibe of relaxation. Some music, friendly folk, perhaps some scattered conversation about crystals or the benefits of Malaysian ceremonial chanting being fused with Latin soft rock. I can even bring the essential oils and hair spices myself…