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Getting the roof repainted

roof painters MelbourneMy wife reckons I should get a job. She thinks I’m bored. She sees me peeking out the window spying on the neighbours and she tells me I ought to occupy my time better. She thinks she’s so smart. She always has to be right. What she doesn’t’ understand is that I’m accumulating knowledge. I may spend a lot of time in the vicinity of our humble abode but that doesn’t mean I’m not still learning, improving, growing. For instance, we recently we had to hire the interior painters. Near Melbourne, where we live, the air can alternate from being quite damp to quite dry, which has the effect of damaging your house paint.

Anyway, the painters came around the other day and I watched them while they worked. The did a brisque and faultless job on the walls, and not a drop on the carpet! — so I asked them to come back to do the roof which was looking a rather sorry sight. The missus came back on her lunch break to check up on us, under the pretence that she’d forgotten her lunch a home. She obviously didn’t trust me to supervise the operation. She reckons that busier you are the more you get done, but I reckon slow and steady wins the race. So I’m watching these guys work on the roof. What they did was use this fascinating high pressured hose to get rid of all the dirt, debris and chipped paint from the roof tiles. After that they did some touch ups by checking for renegade nails poking out and misplaced tiles. It was awesome, I reckon these guys are as good interior as they are exterior painters. Melbourne residents must be clamouring for their services.

After hosing down the roof with that miracle hose (wouldn’t mind using it on the kids from time to time) they painted the roof twice. It was brilliant. No mess, no fuss. No ladders in inconvenient places, no getting in the way of our daily lives.I made myself a tuna salad sandwich and came out to watch the show, sprawling my deckchair onto the front lawn.