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Word of mouth is the best advertising you could ever hope for. When my sister was buying properties during her thirties, she tried a few different buyers agency until she settled on one that she really liked and stuck with. Ever since then, she’s recommended them to literally everyone she comes in contact with. Seriously, she’ll bring it up when it’s not even relevant — like if she bumps into an old acquaintance or at children’s birthday parties. She’s just nuts about them. It’s no wonder because they helped her buy her dream home and they also made her a lot of money. So when it came time for me to choose a buyers advocate around Melbourne, well I felt compelled to choose my sister’s one.

It’s no wonder good old Sis used to rave about these guys cos they really helped me out a lot. I landed myself the perfect property. It’s a big white mansion with roman pillars in the front that used to belong to a famous mafia guy in Melbourne. It’s in a really rich suburb surrounded by other mansions. Sometimes, young people come from poorer suburbs to collect junk off the side of the street when hard rubbish time rolls around. But I call the police on them cos it’s illegal. The police would ordinarily be way too busy to bother coming for such a trivial matter when people around Melbourne are getting stabbed and having domestics, but as soon as I mention the suburb that I’m in they come instantly. That’s what privilege gets you!

The buyers advocates in Melbourne CBD are really the ones to thank for my getting the chance to live in this great place and to send my children to a fancy school. Jenna has a learning disability but I expect she’ll be a precocious youngster by the time she gets to grade six and then I’ll send her to a grammar school.