fisher and paykel

Appliances courtesy of hard rubbish

Fisher and Paykel repairsI shouldn’t be publishing this on the internet because to be honest it’s a really good idea and I don’t want other people to cash in on it. At the same time, I cannot suppress my vanity and need to boast about it online: my profitable hobby of stalking hard rubbish. What I do is I go to the part of town where the hard rubbish collection is taking place and I pick up stuff I can sell. I know, most people look at that stuff and think they can’t do anything with it. I mean, broken appliances, m
alfunctional white goods, smelly furniture. Little do they realise how much profits can be make by taking these items for free, getting them repaired at a relatively minor cost, and reselling them for a profit. It’s good business let me tell you.

I’m starting to think about whether I can go into business with one of the companies that do Fisher and Paykel repairs. Sydney has a few such companies that repair appliances, and since I call on their services regularly, why not? I guess there might be some legal reason why people can’t pilfer junk off the side of the road and resell it, I’ll have to check the facts on this point. For now, all I know is that I’m making a pretty penny.

Of course, the hard rubbish thing is more of a supplementary income. I don’t think i could do it full time. It’s lucrative but not that lucrative. It’s more something you can do part time if you enjoy it, but if you did it full time it would become a chore. I mean, I like driving out to new areas every weekend. I get to see new parts of Sydney that I haven’t seen before. Even the other day when i picked up a washing machine and had to call for ILVE repairs, Sydney was a much less foreign place to me. Maybe I can start a business about showing new taxi drivers around town, showing them which suburbs are good for customers and which have the most hooligans. I don’t know, it’s an idea.