My best friend’s wedding

Wedding limo hire

Who’d have thought that being a maid of honour would be so much work! I was really looking forward to celebrating my best friend’s wedding, shedding a few tears of joy, then letting loose and having a drink or two. As it turns out, I had no idea just how much work was involved. I was basically rushing around all day, constantly having to touch up my make up which was coming off with all the activity and sweat!

The morning was basically chaos trying to get the bride ready and looking gorgeous. Then I had to make sure that her parents were getting to the wedding smoothly as they were arriving that morning from overseas. I had already organised the airport transfer company in Melbourne to escort them to the wedding, but I still had to check that their flights weren’t delayed or anything. (They made it in time which was a relief.) The ceremony was pretty much the only opportunity I had to take a breather. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I did cry, as expected. The bride and groom had written their own vows and it was so romantic. Ah!

The chaos started up again straight afterwards as I had to run around organising everyone into the limo for the wedding photos. We were lucky to get a really nice stretch limo for weddings in Melbourne that was quite luxurious to ride in. Finally, the afterparty involved making sure everyone had their food and drinks sorted, taking care of the gifts and remembering to pay the band. I also organised a surprise for my best friend, another limousine -white this time – for their drive to the hotel for the wedding night. She really appreciated the special attention that the limo hire company went to with a professional driver, bubbly and treats in the back for the newlyweds. She had a beautiful evening, I’m so happy for her!