Bathrooms galore

bathroom renovatorsFor about ten years, I resisted going to home shows with the wife. Last weekend however, I caved. She’d always nag me to go with her and I’d always groan, picturing a hall full of display bathrooms and kitchens, and middle-aged couples strolling hand in hand. What could be more boring than that? I thought. So I’d always come up with a reason not to go, like, the lawn needed trimming or the boys were having a barbie. Of course, the lawn never got trimmed on those days and I’d stay at home on the couch doing things my wife wouldn’t approve of like eating take away food. Everything changed the day she came home from one of her home shows and said, ‘Honey, we’re calling the bathroom renovators! Melbourne companies can do a deal for us!’ I turned around and went, ‘Huh?’.

So the next chance I got I went to the home show with her to figure out why she wanted to get the bathroom renovators in so badly. It was much like I’d expected except that the bathrooms on display were actually quite nice, and they put our bathroom in Bentleigh to shame. I was starting to understand why my wife enjoyed coming so much, she could picture her ideal bathroom, and create her make-believe world, even if we couldn’t afford it. That fantasy was soon to become a reality however, when we saw one particular bathroom on display. It looked like the kind of bathroom James Blond have – luxurious but too good for us. The missus said that she found someone who was willing to make us one just like it for a reasonable price. I didn’t believe her at first but then I called the company myself to ask about bathroom renovations. Bentleigh bathroom renovators knew exactly how to make our dream bathroom a reality and at a decent price too. I guess my day at the home show wasn’t too boring after all.