Tinting, Like an IRL VPN

home window tintingPrivacy is now more important than ever, in my humble opinion. They can track what you’re doing online, so why make it easier IRL? I just moved into my first apartment, I don’t think my landlord will be totally into the idea of getting window tinting. Home window tinting is like…a privacy blocker, for real life. You can still look at stuff, but it’s a one-way street. People can try to look in, but they won’t be able to because of the genius tint. I guess I could get some of those weird lace curtains that let you see out but not the other way round, but…eh. I don’t think I could ever feel comfortable with that set-up. It’s too weird, being able to see through a bit of fabric and trying to convince yourself that other people can’t see in. Like, I wouldn’t do pilates in front of the window, or eat a large bowl of rice covered in vinegar, my favourite snack. I would feel the shame regardless.

Whereas you can actually SEE tinting. It’s there, it’s a little bit dark, and it sends the constant message…I’m here for you. Worry not, for all your shameful culinary choices are hidden from the outside world, without having to close the curtains and stumble around in the dark. Or pay a lot for electricity. You know how it is.

Like when I’m surfing the web for new vinegar and rice recipes (there are quite a few of us out there, you know), and I know that the little privacy screen in the corner is covering my back.

Come to think of it, why do I even need to look out? The outside world is overrated. In the bathroom here I have some frosted glass, which is obviously very lovely to look at, AND it lets the light in. I bet frosted glass in Melbourne is a booming industry. But what kind of tech analogy does it suit? …some kind of intranet, maybe? That explains why frosted glass is usually only in one room…