Glaziers Win the Day

glazier MelbourneAnd all of Australia rejoiced. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it myself; I’d have said it was staged. But there was something about the way The Great Australian Trade-Off was shot that just made the whole thing look so genuine, so when Ryan took the crown, there was hardly a voice to be found saying that the judges let the fan favourite win. He won that competition fair and square.

Naturally, it was a mammoth challenge for the final week. They had to take a half-completed skyscraper and make it ready for three companies to move in: Ryan had the bottom ten floors, Kelsey had the next ten, and Garrett finished things off. Obviously, this was big stuff if you happened to be a glazier available in Melbourne, because it was one of those big glass skyscrapers and they needed so much glass. Half the challenge was won on the basis of which glaziers they picked, how they treated their workers and what sort of glass they chose.

Naturally, as everyone expected, Kelsey went for the budget option, because she thought the glass on the outside was just a covering, whilst all the important stuff was on the inside. Garrett went in the opposite direction, hiring a fleet of glaziers and even springing for some glass balustrading for the stairs in between floors. He likes his themes, Garrett, and he chose glass for this one.

That just left Ryan, who did what he does best: he talked to people, did his research, really listened to the advice of his elders and went with what the glaziers thought would be best.

The result, after the businesses moved in and spent three weeks evaluating the work: Kelsey’s people were boiling because she went for budget glass, and her floors were deemed unsafe, while Garrett blew his entire budget on elaborate glass sculptures.

Ryan’s just roared to victory, since he was able to get good quality stuff for less, and he even hired some glass balustrading people to put in a centrepiece on the ground floor, instead of going all out. Cost-effective, efficient, smart and actually just a really nice guy. Clearly, Australia’s Greatest Tradesperson.