How to make your bathroom romantic

bathroom renovatorsI love an atmospheric bathroom. Even when I’m alone, it needs to look romantic. I mean, who wants to have a shower in a sterile, blinding white-tiled echo chamber? You can see every flaw on your disproportionate body in that harsh fluorescence and it only causes further reflection on how lacking in magic life is in general. I recommend getting bathroom renovations in Melbourne to spruce up your bathroom. For a start, put some dramatic mood lighting on by installing floodlights.

Secondly, you want to paint your walls and get tiles that aren’t hospital white. I mean, who needs extra reflective glare on their already pallid flab? You want warm tones, this is what creates a relaxing, cosy atmosphere. Blue and green are traditionally calming colours but they’re also too cold. It’s also a good idea to add accessories to the bathroom. Make sure that your towels are extra plush. Nothing more than 600GSM Egyptian cotton will do. You want them in a deep dark hue of red, because that evokes passion and sensuality, which is what showering, whether that be alone or with someone else, is all about.

I cannot speak more highly of locking in your bathroom renovations. Bayside, where we live, has some good companies that can custom build you a new bathroom that’s designed for romance and unwinding. I mean, what’s the point of showering if you can’t wash away the troubles of the day. In Japan, people have baths nightly as a de-stressing ritual, and in their high-tension society, it works. Other luxury items that you’ll want in your idyllic love-lair of a bathroom is a bidet, because it’s European and because you can never be too clean, and a full length mirror in the shower itself, just in case. Your new friend will be back for more shower, even if they’re not back for more you.