May I Interest Our Investors in Pet Diagnosis?

vet clinic BaysideReport: not much luck. These reports are getting pretty boring, to be honest, seeing as they’re all the same thing. We’ve been given a sizeable grant from Lawrence Corp to create an x-ray machine that can diagnose a host of different illnesses, right down to the common cold, but at the moment it’s…well, not looking great.

We’ve had SOME success, but it’s mostly been pretty minor. With a half-an-hour scan, our machine can tell if a person is alive or dead, which is…you know, useful in niche circumstances. Oh, and Petra brought in her wire-haired fox terrier, who had a minor case of the sniffles. For some reason, the machine was able to diagnose it within thirty seconds, and correctly as well! So I guess what we’ve made is potentially going to revolutionise the field of animal health. I think there’s a whole vet clinic near Bayside who might be interested in some trial runs…if we can get it to work properly, with safety tests and everything. I don’t want someone putting their poodle in here, only to have it walk out with its fur all fallen off.

Still, it’s interesting that the machine was so quick. We all just dismissed it, because it’s not our task, but now I’m wondering if L-Corp could actually make something out of a pet diagnosis machine. Even if it’s just a small one that people can have in their homes, to tell when their pet is poorly and needs to be taken to the vet. I’m not saying we’re going to totally replace vets, or anything. I mean, it’s one clinical trial, that wasn’t even supposed to work.

But work it did. Perhaps I’ll get onto the bosses, see if this is something that might interest them. It’s not like the pet market is lacking; I’m pretty sure it’s still a multi-billion-dollar industry. And if there’s one more dog in a Moorabbin animal hospital a bit sooner, being treated for kennel cough, then it’s worth it.