My best friend’s wedding

Wedding limo hire

Who’d have thought that being a maid of honour would be so much work! I was really looking forward to celebrating my best friend’s wedding, shedding a few tears of joy, then letting loose and having a drink or two. As it turns out, I had no idea just how much work was involved. I was basically rushing around all day, constantly having to touch up my make up which was coming off with all the activity and sweat!

The morning was basically chaos trying to get the bride ready and looking gorgeous. Then I had to make sure that her parents were getting to the wedding smoothly as they were arriving that morning from overseas. I had already organised the airport transfer company in Melbourne to escort them to the wedding, but I still had to check that their flights weren’t delayed or anything. (They made it in time which was a relief.) The ceremony was pretty much the only opportunity I had to take a breather. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I did cry, as expected. The bride and groom had written their own vows and it was so romantic. Ah!

The chaos started up again straight afterwards as I had to run around organising everyone into the limo for the wedding photos. We were lucky to get a really nice stretch limo for weddings in Melbourne that was quite luxurious to ride in. Finally, the afterparty involved making sure everyone had their food and drinks sorted, taking care of the gifts and remembering to pay the band. I also organised a surprise for my best friend, another limousine -white this time – for their drive to the hotel for the wedding night. She really appreciated the special attention that the limo hire company went to with a professional driver, bubbly and treats in the back for the newlyweds. She had a beautiful evening, I’m so happy for her!


My 21st

My 21st birthday party was only a month away so the search for a party hire marquee began. i had been to many 18th Birthdays party’s recently where small marquee hires had been used and wanted to replicate something similar. I had heard many positive reviews about Marquees & Events who specialise in offering quality affordable marquee hire. Because of this i decided to get in contact with them through email at first and then via phone call. i spoke to a very friendly sales person who suggested i should look at a clear roof marquee hire as they look much more impressive than your standard white roof marquee.

Once i had learnt more about what it means to rent a marquee i decided to get a second option form marquee hire Melbourne, who confirmed what i had already been told. That the clearspan marquee hire with clear roofs and walls was the marquee for me. After much deliberation and thought i decided to go with this option. Once the team from marquee hire Melbourne turned up in there truck i could see that the equipment they used was very heavy duty and of the highest quality. The marquees themselves came in many separate parts which all had to be brought in one by one and then assembled.

marquee inside - purple lights

The team seemed to construct the marquee in just a matter of hours and soon were decorating the clear roof with fairy lights. Once i saw the finished job i was amazed and knew the right decision had been made. The following evening on the night of my 21st birthday party my friend Alex arrived early who worked for marquee hire Brighton he was also very impressed and loved the finishing touches. The night could not of gone better, and was a great success filled with unforgettable memories.

Attempting a DIY Conveyancing

Conveyancing MelbourneAlright, I give up. I’m completely lost, and if I’m honest, I’ve been completely lost for days. The last few days have been an epic journey where I have discovered the immensity of my own shortcomings. I’ve been wading through mountains of paperwork for days and it’s time for me to finally admit that I have no freaking idea what I’m doing.

So far, I’ve managed to be able to get through this whole house selling process on my own. I realise now that that probably wasn’t the wisest idea, but it definitely was a heck of alot cheaper than going through an agency and getting squeezed for every penny. But even though I was, and still am, staunchly against employing a real estate agent when I managed to find a buyer on my own, I think I need someone to handle all the paperwork.

There really isn’t any shame in using someone’s conveying services in Melbourne. There are just so many laws, rules, and regulations. Unless you’ve been trained specifically in the field, it’s basically impossible to make heads or tails of it. Of course, all the various government agencies and council branches make it as difficult for you as they possibly can, so that you have to pay your conveyancer in Brighton or wherever you are instead of just being able to do it yourself. It’s just one of the ways the government has of trying to create more jobs for more people, even if they’re not really necessary. It’s all about wringing all the money they possibly can out of you before you’ve even bought your next place. Say what you will about an advanced economy being one in which everyone is a specialist, I’m much more of an advocate for the Jack-of-all-trades lifestyle. If only that were a possibility.

Getting heated over the heating

Ducted heating AdelaideWinter is an absolute pain. There’s no way around this simple fact of life. The only thing it’s good for is draining you of, spirit, money, wearable outfits – you name it, winter takes it greedily away from you. The fact is that, in Adelaide, winter is not a magical, like it is in parts of the world where it snows and you get great benefits like snow days, snowmen, tobogganing, but rather it’s a cold and desolate hell hole. Do you have any idea how many hot chocolates I’ve had to buy this winter? How many times I’ve looked in the mirror and seen Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer staring, horrified, back at me? Do you know how many rhetorical questions I’m going to use to get my point across in this paragraph? Too many, people, too many.

Perhaps the reason behind this seemingly baseless rant is that I just got my power bill for this month, and to say that my eyes burst out of their sockets would not be far from the truth. Another truth is that, in a valiant yet ultimately doomed effort to fight the cold, I spent most of this month turning the dial up on my wonderful ducted heating. Adelaide may be in Australia but it still gets bitterly cold. In my ignorance, I assumed that my power bill would be just a little over what I budget for every month. I mean, I use a lot of power throughout the year, why would running the heater any longer make much of a difference. I’m only going to say it here, just this once. I was wrong.

My gas heating company in Adelaide took no pity on me. Even when I rang them up to query how on Earth this could have happened, the only thing the person on the other end of the line was able to tell me was that I should have known better. Fat lot of good that does me. It’s not exactly helpful advice, to tell someone after the fact that they probably shouldn’t have done whatever it was they did. I can’t exactly apply my knowledge retroactively, can I? So yeah. Thanks a lot. Now I’m cold and poor.